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Internet Explorer 11 Support
Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) is not currently supported in native mode. A patch is needed to add support; this will be applied once the patch is tested. In the meantime, IE11 can be used with Vital Signs in Compatibilty Mode. To enable Compatibility Mode for Vital Signs do the following in IE11: 1) Navigate to www.echostarbeta.com. 2) Right-click the title-bar (up near the top) and ensure that the Menu bar option is checked. 3) Select the Tools option on the Menu bar then Compatibility View settings from the dropdown. 4) echostarbeta.com should be displayed in the Add this website: textbox; click on the Add button to add it to the list of sites to display in Compatibility mode then click on the Close button. You should now be able to use IE11 with Vital Signs.

Additional Note: This fix should also address issues for those using Kindle Fire 2/HD.